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So Much Pain to Bear;

By Tina

I have just found your website and have to say I have found it very helpful. My beautiful boy Barney is only 18 months old but diagnosed in September with Osteosarcoma. He had his leg amputated and was coping incredibly well and I had arranged for him to see an oncologist to start Chemotherapy. He had a chest X ray prior to amputation and this was clear so I was hopeful that chemo would be beneficial to him. Last Thursday he went for his first chemo treatment and they undertook another chest x ray first. I was so not prepared to be told that multiple tumours had already developed on his lungs and chemo would have little affect at this stage.

I took him home and have been struggling to come to terms with it. Barney is my special boy. In July 07 my Dad collapsed and died very suddenly. He was an incredible man and I adored him. Dealing with the grief of that was so difficult for the whole family and my Mum was struggling dreadfully. I decided to give up my flat and move in to help Mum. A few months later we decided to get a dog. I had always wanted a dog but working full time made that difficult. Mum was excited as she loved animals so much and the dog would be company for her during the day. We talked about a rescue dog but in the end we agreed on a puppy. My sister phoned one evening to tell me that there were litters galore being advertised in the local paper so I rushed to buy one. I read through the adverts and circled the ones to telephone.
We were not looking for an expensive pedigree we wanted a family pet so the first one that really caught my eye was Labrador/Collie cross puppies. We had alraedy decided we wanted a boy so I telephoned the number and was pleased to discover they had one boy left which they had named Colin - it had to be our boy because Colin was my Dad's name. We went to see him the next day and were both smitten. A beautiful black boy with a white tummy and white socks! We picked him up 2 weeks later on the 21/6/08 just 8 weeks old. Barney and I became inseperable. As he grew O took him to puppy training classes. We walked for miles across the country side and spent hours at the beach (Barneys favorite place).
Then my world collapsed again. My Mum was diagnosed with Breast cancer in August 08. It soon became clear that Mum had been ill for sometime but she hid it from us - she wanted to be with my Dad. We were told that Mum's Cancer had spread to her bones and they could only offer palliative care. Mum wanted to come home so my sister and I made arrangements to take care of her. We nursed her together until she passed away on the 4/11/08. Barney was my rock - he was there to keep me smiling. Our walks were my release from all the pain, just the 2 of us on a cold crisp day treking over the fields. I worried I would have to give him up - working full time with a dog is not ideal. Luckily a retired neighbour whose heart Barney had captured the day we bought him home stepped in. He walks him twice a day for me when I am at work. There is no better feeling in life that getting in from work to be greeted by Barney, always so happy to see me and I cant wait to get home to see him.
Now I have to face up to losing him too. I thought we had so many years of love and fun ahead. Its too much pain to bear.











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